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Smoke Alarms- Security Lighting- Energy Efficient Lighting- Electrical repair and service- Electrical installation- Safety and risk check- Electric smog analyse- Electric smog clearance- Biological building- Building biology to avoid sick build syndrome- Environmental Impacts of Building Materials- Building analyse- Demand switches- Healthy building- Electro-pollution- Chemical-free homes- Sustainable building- SHIELDING- tv and antenna- Industrial Breakdown- Roller door and Garage gate repair- C-Bus- Automatic homes- Industrial maintenance- Industrial Breakdown- VFD- PLC- PID- German Engineering Test & Tag- Appliance Service/ Appliance- Electrical work- Test & Tag- Appliance repair- Alarm and CCTV Installation-?- Let us put it together for you.-- - Smoke alarm instillation Small tiling jobs- Rental property maintenance- - Flood Repairs-  Home care- Locksmith work

Control all electrical with your mobile phone or automatic control Tuya; Smart Home; Grid connect

Our Electricity has bad and good sites.

The bad sites from our Electricity are:
1. Electricity can kill, hurt or burn you or your family therefore you should have safety switches to protect you and your family. The average family home needs 4-8 safety switches as mandatory by the Legislations.
2. Electricity can ignite and burn down your home therefore you have circuit breakers, smoke alarms and insurance.

3. Electricity can harm your health and your wellbeing; therefore keep distance to electric and magnetic fields or minimize exposure time. Some companies have shielded their devices or equipment – to minimize exposure. Good cables are twisted. To fill the gap, companies designed the demand switch - to minimize exposure time.

4. Electricity can suck your money. Electricity is expensive Therefore switch off and avoid stand by. Switch to LED. Ask us to find your Power/Money Leak

The good sites from our Electricity; it keeps our world running Washing machine, Mobil, Car, Heating or cooling, Fridge, Light, Hospital equipment The modern society cannot existent without power.

It is your advantage and choice to use the good sites only.






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