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Our Electricity has bad and good sites.
The bad sites from our Electricity are:
1. Electricity can kill, hurt or burn you or your family therefore you should have safety switches to protect you and your family. The average family home needs 4-6 safety switches as recommend by the Electrical Safety Office.
2. Electricity can ignite and burn down your home therefore you have circuit breakers, smoke alarms and insurance.
3. Electricity can harm your health and your wellbeing; therefore keep distance to electric and magnetic fields or minimize exposure time. Some companies have shielded their devices or equipment – to minimize exposure. Good cables are twisted. To fill the gap, companies designed the demand switch - to minimize exposure time.

4. Electricity can suck your money. Electricity is expensive Therefore switch off and avoid stand by. Switch to LED. Ask us to find the Power/Money Leak
The good sites from our Electricity; it keeps our world running
Washing machine, Mobil, Car, Heating or cooling, Fridge, Light, Hospital equipment
The modern society cannot existent without power.

It is your advantage and choice to use the good sites only.


Why not to minimize possible risk if there are no costs to you? DIY
May you have a better sleep, less tossing and turning at night ... or less night mares?
Basic Steps to minimize the unnecessary health risk that may be triggered by electro smog
1. Move alarm clock, light, mobile and any cable as far as possible out of the bed zone and head zone.
2. If you need your mobile for emergency or whatever, switch off Bluetooth and wireless by night.
3. No extension cords under the bed
4. Children’s bed room switch off router and devices by night.
5. Generally place router with wireless as high as possible above head with straight antenna position, as far away from you as possible.
6. Each cm counts
New home installation.
1. PowerPoint’s as far as possible out of bed zone/ head zone.
2. Power Supply for PowerPoint’s as far as possible out of bed zone
3. Power Supply for Air-condition as far as possible out of bed zone

All countries in the world have regulation for maximal electro smog as for home and for workplaces and schools. These maximal limits are so different in the world as 1/1000. We can help and measure your pollution to assist a good night sleep or less stress workplace.

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Our top-selling demand switch

demand; DEMAND SWITCH; Electro-pollution; Electric smog  

Disconnects voltage directly in the fuse box as long as no electricity is needed.
Electricity has become indispensable for every day life. The use of electricity inevitably causes alternating electrical and magnetic fields. The effect of these electrical and magnetic fields on the human organism has been the subject-matter of many international studies with all in all alarming results. Best to be on the safe side with a precautionary reduction of at least the “home-made” exposure to alternating electrical and magnetic fields.  A reliable Demand Switch optimised according to building biology criteria can substantially contribute to a reduction of your daily exposure without you having to forfeit any comfort. It is for this reason that experts recommend the decoupling from the mains (also www.uhmtrade.com.auoften called “isolation”) as the first and most important technical step to be implemented when restoring with respect to alternating electrical and magnetic fields. Our Demand Switch is installed in modern DIN distribution boards or next to older fuse boxes, and it is wired inline to the circuit to be protected. When there is no load on the circuit, that is, when everything is switched off on that circuit (icluding sockets if used on socket ring main), the Demand Switch automatically disconnects the line at the fuse box. When any switch or appliance exposurein the circuit is turned on, it instantly restores power. www.uhmtrade.com.au

• Designed to eliminate AC Electric fields including “Dirty Electricity” in sleeping areas.
Sleeping areas are typically surrounded by a curtain of Electric Fields from live electrical house wiring. The offending wiring is located inside the ceilings, walls and floors and is used to supply power to lights and receptacles in a particular room. These wires constantly emit Electric Fields even when all lights, electronics and appliances are turned off. These Electric Fields can only be eliminated by shutting off the power at the source (ie. flipping off a breaker / removing a fuse). This is effective but not practical in most cases, so we offer another solution. Our Automatic Demand Switch works by automatically shutting off the power at the breaker panel / fuse box, when there is no demand for it. The Automatic Demand Switch continually monitors the power requirements of the circuit and automatically restores power when necessary. This approach deals directly with the source of the problem and offers effective protection form AC Electric Fields including Dirty Electricity. This can be verified with a Body Voltage Kit or an AC Electric Field Meter. "Know for sure” that you are protected from AC Electric Fields.

A good night’s sleep is just a switch away


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